Khanapara Teer Result Weekly Analysis[6-11 Jan, 2020]

khanapara teer result

In this articles we will discuss a very important thing about Khanapara Teer Previous Result. Teer game players always confused about which number to choose and what not to choose. Some peoples beliefs in dreaming (i.e Dream Numbers) that dream number will lead to the correct result, while some others believe to choose number by looking at previous results.

Here we will give you clearly weekly result analysis of khanapara teer or Guwahati teer. Our result analysis may not give you the correct result but we assure you that you can clearly decide what to choose according to your luck. so let’s start

Khanapara Teer 6-11 Jan 2020, Result Analysis
Date F/R S/R
11/01/2020 05 30
10/01/2020 34 13
09/01/2020 69 40
08/01/2020 43 48
07/01/2020 07 51
06/01/2020 08 84

[chart id=”673″]

Key Points

  1. In this week Khanapara teer is played for 6 days. From the above table we can observe that in F/R, most of the common is in “0” House number (05, 07, 08) appeared.
  2. We can observe in S/R section that most of the numbers are in random number.