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Shillong Teer hit Number | A state of rich cultural, bountifulness and cleanliness is also famous for teeri ( which is now known as Teer) betting game. For centuries betting Teer games were one of the traditional games played by the Khasi tribe in the state of Meghalaya. After the legalization of Teer betting game in Meghalaya by state Government, it becomes a very huge source of revenue for its state. Now thousands of licensed Teer game is operational across the state and earns huge revenue. Teer batting game is very simple.

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Shillong Teer Result 26th November 2020

3:45 P.M.
F/R - 34
5 hours ago
S/R - 80
4 hours ago
4:40 P.M.

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History | Shillong Teer | Shillong Teer Game | Result





During the British Empire rule in India Shillong was the capital of Assam and remained until 1972. After becoming the capital of Meghalaya in 1972, Shillong city rapidly grew & developed. The city is situated at an altitude of 1496 meter above the sea level. After the separation from Assam, the city quickly became the best ideal tourist destination in India and the world. As being most admired tourist destinations in India, Shillong is famous for its natural beauty and sightseeing. Because of its beautiful nature,Shillong city can be called Scotland of East, One more proudly for the Meghalaya and NorthEast people is that Shillong is best tourist destinations in entire NorthEast India after Sikkim.


History of Shillong Teer Game


Shillong is not only famous for its natural beauty and sightseeing. It is also very famous for a game called “Teer”. People in NorthEast are crazy for this game, you may wonder that in entire NorthEast “Shillong Teer Result” & “Khanapara Teer Result” are the most searchable query in the Google nowadays. Shillong Teer Game was traditionally known as “Thoh Tim”, There is no exact written history when this game is started, But most localities and historian stated that during the early 20th century this game was played for the first time. The people from different localities and communities gather weekly into groups from different villages to play this game. Every week the people of Shillong mostly Kasi communities used to play this game. After the independence the game further grown into archery contests and then developed into tournaments of Archery. After that the game is transformed into capital earning methods. But in India, gambling is prohibited in almost all parts of India, that’s why this game also failed to get its recognition around the globe. After time goes around and separation from Assam and formation of new govt. In the state, Shillong Teer Game finally each its top and receives recognition by the state Govt. of Meghalaya in the year 1982. Our website also provide Shillong teer hit number.

Initiated in Meghalaya, Shillong Teer game is also now operating in neighboring states of Meghalaya like Assam in Khanapara, Manipur in Juwai and many more. Khanapara Teer is also a huge successor in Teer game after Shillong Teer. To know more about Teer games please follow the link. And to read the rules & regulation by Meghalaya Govt follow this link . 

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